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Continuing Medical Education: Registration information

Publié le 7 mai 2019 Mis à jour le 23 juin 2020

In order to register for a university or inter-university course (DU / DIU), all candidates must follow the two steps of the registration process:

Step n°1: Applying

Applicants need to obtain a written approval from the Director of their selected course in order to enrol. For this purpose, they must send their CV and a cover letter to the course director by email. Some courses require additional documents for admission. Please check the courses websites for information about admission requirements.
All shortlisted candidates will receive a signed authorization for registration from their Course Director.

Step n°2 : Registration. This step is again divided into two parts :

1- Pre-registration : Once a student is admitted to the course, he or she will receive by email a pre-registration form. The student will have to fill in and return the completed form with all the requested documents to the School Admissions Office (dufmc.fc@u-pec.fr) within 8 days.

2 – Enrolment : Once the student has completed and returned his/her pre-registration form, he/she you will receive by email a registration file.
Note that from the academic year 2018, and according to the law about the guidance and success of students (“orientation et réussite des étudiants – ORE”) of 8 March 2018, all students have to pay a special fee for the provision of academic services and facilities to students (“Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC)”) before being allowed to register to a university. This fee is designed to promote the social, health, cultural and sports activities among students. After paying this fee, the student will receive a certificate with a specific student number. Students will need this number to start their registration process at the UPEC.

IMPORTANT : Applicants must respect the deadline for submitting the various documents requested in the registration file. No registration will be accepted after the given deadline. Please ensure that your registration file is complete before submitting it. All incomplete files will be returned to the applicants.

REMINDER : A student who is not officially registered at the university may not attend courses, have access to any course materials, or sit for exams.