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Inter-University Diploma in Minimally-Invasive and Robotic Techniques in Oncologic Digestive Surgery

Publié le 20 avril 2020 Mis à jour le 4 janvier 2021

The Diploma

This educational and training program is targeting specialized surgeons, fellows and residents who have already achieved a certain professional experience and are looking to further develop their knowledge in the field of minimally invasive techniques

Certification of competences in minimally invasive oncologic digestive surgery that responds to a relevant demand by experienced digestive surgeons and residents as the majority of public and private  hospitals are nowadays equipped with advanced surgical technologies, such robotics.

The objectives :

  • Knowing the national and international guidelines in oncologic digestive surgery
  • Recognizing the clinical indications and contraindications for the different techniques of minimally invasive surgery in the field of oncologic and emergency digestive surgery
  • Providing a critical appraisal of the literature in oncologic digestive MIS
  • Appling the up-to-date management protocols for patients candidate for minimally invasive digestive surgery
  • Training with surgical simulators for advanced laparoscopic and robotic procedures

Who :

Digestive and general surgeons trained or in training but who have already completed sufficient professional experience (Interns from the 3rd semester of internship)

Teaching/training : 

  • 4 Teaching Modules on LIVE STREAMING 18 hours of lectures and interactive classes on 2,5 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning)

- Oncologic colorectal surgery : 26-27-28 November 2020
- Oncologic upper GI surgery : 28-29-30 January 2021
- Oncologic HPB surgery : 11-12-13 March 2021
- Oncologic emergency surgery : 22-23-24 April 2021

  • E-learning Module : 6 hours on dedicated YouTube Channel (educational surgical videos
  • Hands-on Lab : training on animal model for robotic and laparoscopic surgeries (Orsi Academy, 2-3 June 2021)
  • Clinical stage (optional) : 2 intensive weeks in a MIS surgical unit

How to apply :

Please send your CV and Motivation Letter before october 15, 2020 to Madame Bordière at :
- sandrine.bordiere@aphp.fr
- surgical.training.art@gmail.com

How much :

- Formation initiale : 1 743 €  + 92 euros (CVEC : étape obligatoire avant débuter mon inscription à l'UPEC)
- Self financing : 2 743 €
-  By employer : 2 843 €

Payment is made at the start of the training. Students can pay 1, 2 or 3 times by bank transfer or credit card.


Definitive registration information : 

> Registration :  This step is again divided into two parts